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Previously enjoyed books in a variety of categories with generous in store credits for your trade-ins

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We are located behind the Rite-Aid on Hwy. 9 and Valley Falls Rd. Hours: Mon-Sat 10- 6 We offer a large selection of quality “previously enjoyed” books in a wide variety of categories, as well as generous in-store credit for your trade-ins. Paperbacks.......50% (of list price) CD Audio Books......50% (of list price) Hardcovers......30% (of list price) “IN-STORE” CREDIT GIVEN FOR TRADE-INS: For Paper backs......Credit = 25% (of list price) For CD Audio Books.......Credit = 25% (of list price) For Hardcovers........Credit = 10% (of list price) In –Store Credit: • May be used toward half of “your price”, the other half to be paid in cash. You always have to spend a little cash; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stay in business. The utility companies and our landlord don’t accept books as payment. • Store credit may not be used toward new books, merchandise, or clearance items. • We reserve the right to reject any book due to marketability, condition of book, or current store stock. • We do not accept audio cassette books, magazines, textbooks, technical, computer, business, sociology, economic, child care, comic books, travel books older than 3 years, “adult” books, Readers Digest Condensed Books or “Harlequin type” romance books.

 Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

112 McCulloch Road / Hwy 9

Boiling Springs SC 29316


Billy & Wendi Gowan